Nintendo Registers Domain Names for 'Pokemon Let's Go' Pikachu and Eevee


They also report that there will definitely be a Pokemon Go influence, such as Pokemon actually being visible on the map rather than having random encounters. That lends a lot of confidence to the notion that these domains were registered on behalf of Nintendo, so Pokemon Let's Go! could very well be the title of the next mainline Pokemon games.

Though there's nothing aside from the Pokemon brand linking Nintendo to CSC Corporate Domains in this particular instance, Polygon notes that Nintendo has worked with CSC in the past to register the domains for Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Web domains for two alleged Pokemon games were recently registered, hinting that Nintendo could be revealing the new Pokemon games as soon as this week. "I suspect that the naming/branding for this year's Pokemon Switch title (there's two versions) might raise a few eyebrows".

This all leads to a much bigger question: What lessons should Game Freak and Nintendo learn from Pokémon Go's success?

To add more fuel to the fire, Nintendo and Game Freak have also been dropping some subtle clues that may point towards this leak being legitimate. Still, the Nintendo Switch offers a unique facet that other consoles don't, which is that it, too, can be played on the go (pun sort of intended) and thus be taken to the same places a phone or tablet could - and it even has a touchscreen.

"After all, it was Nintendo who released Pokemon Go Plus, a bluetooth wearable device, developed by Nintendo's Platform Technology Division, that allows players to enjoy the game without looking at their smartphone". Or being able to join in a raid from your own house in some capacity if you're unable to make it to the location in person.

When Pokemon rumors are flying around, the whole internet gets involved.