Nintendo, Sony Announce Changes To Warranty To Comply With FTC Warning


Nintendo has changed its warranty policies after the USA government warned them that they were violating the law. "Our updated warranty states that the warranty does not apply "to damage caused by" opening the product or to damage caused by service performed by someone other than a representative of SIE or an SIE-authorized service provider".

Considering Sony and Nintendo have updated their terms, it is only reasonable to believe that, Microsoft and Asus too will be following through.

Every company was awarded 30 days' notice to upgrade their policies or they'll need to deal with potential legal actions. How did Sony know if someone other than them repaired the console?

The Japanese game company was one of six firms the Federal Trade Commission told to change their policies because they wrongly told customers that using an unlicensed fix shop on their product void their warranties. The removal or adjustment of the sticker is no longer a cause for voiding warranty.

Sony has now updated its warranty agreements for users in the US and Canada that will allow gamers to open up their consoles without voiding their warranty. More details about Sony's warranties can be found on its website. The repairs do not have to come from the manufacturer, unless the repairs damaged the console (which voids the warranty and thus eliminates eligibility for free return shipping). So if you used an unlicensed hard drive with your PS4 and it suddenly goes boom for a completely unrelated reason, Sony won't be able to turn around and point the finger at your poor innocent hard drive. The only time the warranty will be void is if it's clear that the user has removed the sticker, opened the console and done damage themselves.

The "warranty void if removed" label on all their products, according to the FTC, violates the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act which gives consumers the right to use non-first-party parts in repairs.