North Carolina AG Joins Other States In Suing Opioid Manufacturer


Laxalt's office worked in collaboration with 35 other states in its investigation of Purdue Pharma, he said today.

Justin Nelson, a Democrat who is challenging Paxton's re-election bid in November, said in an emailed statement that the announcement "is too little too late for so many Texas families suffering from the opioid crisis" and that "Paxton has sat idly by while drug companies have hiked up prices with no consequences".

Company spokesman Bob Josephson said the civil lawsuits followed months of negotiations with state officials to address the opioid crisis.

Starting previous year, Attorney General Paxton and a bipartisan group of 40 other state attorneys general have been conducting an investigation into whether companies that manufacture and distribute prescription opioids engaged in unlawful practices.

The potential payoff in these suits is vast for states, counties and cities.

" Violating the 2007 judgment by not taking steps to stop sales promotion to prescribers whose practices showed "unambiguous, credible signs of abuse or diversion". Laxalt's office has filed suit against any other pharmaceutical companies.

Separate litigation involving at least 433 lawsuits by US cities and counties has been consolidated in a federal court in Cleveland, Ohio. Purdue Pharma alone faces more than a dozen lawsuits by states including Texas. He later withdrew the motions, allowing the district attorneys to continue handling the cases.

"It's time the defendants pay for the pain and the destruction they've caused", Florida State Attorney General Pam Bondi told a press conference.

Staubus said Tuesday that he's pleased Slatery filed the lawsuit. "I think their lawsuit complements ours; it's not in competition".

In September, Paxton announced he was joining a 41-state investigation of companies that manufacture or sell opioids.

Last week, representatives of Russell, Smyth, and Wythe counties in Southwest Virginia announced they will file federal lawsuits against opioid manufacturers, but the names of the manufacturers weren't announced. Washington County is considering filing suit.