Play Rainbow Six Siege for free this weekend


When it comes to the new map of the game, the Villa, there is no surprise.

The villa promises "wide staircases, narrow tunnels, and secret hatches", and the density of the main building makes it seem that most roaming routes will be vertical. But they've got wind of Operation Para Bellum and fled, leaving everything in disarray with vital information ready for the taking.

Picking Alibi is an invitation for a battle of wits with your opponents.

"The character of Alibi was inspired by undercover infiltration specialists in the Italian Raggruppamento Operativo Speciale unit".

So far, no details have been revealed regarding Alibi's ability beyond her teased holograms that help her "find clever ways to force the Attackers' hands". Her father managed a small ordnance manufacturer, using his contacts to open up exports. "She is a cunning woman with a gift for infiltrating dense networks of organized crime".

In Rainbow Six Siege, almost every playable character (or "operator") is split into two categories: Attackers & Defenders. This will be provided via a mandatory download distributed for free on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Well, Ubisoft is serving up yet another free weekend from May 17 to May 20.

Ubisoft has plans on giving gamers a full tour of the new map during the Pro League Finals eSports competition set to take place between May 19th and May 20th.

And on top of that, if you like what you've played and want to get one of the versions of the game on offer, your progress is carried over, and you get up to 50 per cent of your purchase.