Pompeo and Bolton outline North Korea plans as talks approach


According to him, the United States is ready to lift the sanctions in order to open the way for private American investment in energy, infrastructure and agricultural sector of North Korea. Mr Kim, who has shown no aversion to taking risks, would perhaps be content with some sort of recognition of North Korea's status as a nuclear weapons power and the easing of sanctions that have crippled his country. After decades of hostility and threats of nuclear attacks, these new developments between US, North Korea and South Korea are groundbreaking, and hint at finally achieving some hope of reconciliation in the Korean peninsula, after almost seventy years of enmity.

He returned again to North Korea last week for a second meeting, after which Kim agreed to the release of the three Americans.

An incremental North Korean approach to denuclearisation at a June 12 summit with President Donald Trump will not be acceptable to the USA president or the people of South Korea, South Korea's special national security adviser said on Tuesday.

Last month's joint statement by the leaders of North and South Korea on denuclearizing the Korean peninsula appears to have boosted optimism in the northeastern Chinese city of Dandong, just across the river from the isolated regime. With the end of that deal comes the reintroduction of crippling economic sanctions which will serve to isolate, deplete and place strain on the crumbling Iran economy - the same type of sanctions which have finally brought North Korea to the negotiating table.

Pompeo said Trump is in a unique position.

Pompeo added that the United States "will have to provide security assurances" to Kim as well.

"We can create conditions for real economic prosperity for the North Korean people that will rival that of the South", he said. Pompeo praised it as "one step along the way". "It means getting rid of the uranium enrichment and plutonium reprocessing capabilities", adding the process would also need to address North Korea's ballistic missiles.

"I've been on the job about five weeks", Bolton said. I think we need to look at their chemical and biological weapons programs as well.

To date, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has done nothing concrete.

He also described what it was like to meet Kim on "Face the Nation", saying the leader doesn't need notecards to tackle complex discussions.