Puyallup nurse linked to hepatitis C scare denies having the virus


MultiCare Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup is notifying certain patients who were treated in the Emergency Department during a almost eight-month period in 2017 and 2018 that they should be tested for Hepatitis C. The alert follows the confirmation that two patients who were treated in December likely contracted the disease while in the Emergency Department.

"This is a awful allegation", Weberg's attorney, Bryan Hershman, said during a news conference Friday, according to The News Tribune. "To date, I haven't seen what evidence they have that would prove she intentionally infected anybody". "Out of all of the allegations against me, this is the most terrible and it is the allegation that I deny the most", said Weberg. Her attorneys, meanwhile, said she could not infect those two patients with hepatitis C, but health officials and the police were looking for a scapegoat.

The records also state she told the NCQAC she had been informed several years ago she tested positive for hepatitis C after donating blood, according to the report. Worst of all, Weberg has Hepatitis C, which can be transmitted by blood. "That didn't happen", said Weberg.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Weberg was arrested last week while trying to cross the Canadian border. "The medications would be mixed, as I didn't want to know how much was in the syringe, as I felt at the time it might deter me from an attempt". "This is false", said Weberg, fighting back tears.

During a press conference at an attorney's office, Weberg said she has been fully cooperating with authorities.

Weberg was released from jail late Friday and no charges have been filed. The responsible nurse is no longer working at the hospital. "This is false", said Weberg.

In her response to state investigators, she specifically denied injecting herself with drugs before treating patients. The patients were determined to have been infected by the same source, but the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department has not been determined if Weberg was the source.

Hospital leadership does claim, however, that she admitted to stealing the drugs. The nurse in question was later identified as Cora Weberg. She tried twice and failed, according to statements she supplied to an investigator from the state Department of Health.

The investigation was launched when two patients who had been given care in the hospital's Emergency Department last December later showed signs of hepatitis C symptoms and tested positive for the virus.

The discovery of the two patients led MultiCare Good Samaritan Hospital officials to issue a recommendation to 2,600 patients who were treated in the hospital's emergency room during an eight-month period between August 2017 and March 23 to receive testing for the infection.

"These people who may not have otherwise gotten tested now know they have the virus and can get treatment", wrote Kim Desmarais, the agency's viral hepatitis coordinator. Weberg was the only nurse at the hospital who treated both the patients.