Roller coaster stalls at Universal Studios Japan, riders left hanging upside down


A total of 64 passengers aboard the Flying Dinosaur roller coaster at Osaka's Universal Studios Japan were left hanging - literally - for roughly two hours on Tuesday after the ride's emergency stop was activated by operators.

An emergency stop left around 60 people stuck on the Jurassic Park-themed "Flying Dragon" roller coaster on May 1, 2018. Upside down for two hours.

Theme park staff later guided the stranded riders to safety via an aisle on the side of the rollercoaster.

The park operator said it has replaced the faulty motor control part that caused the incident, NHK reported on Wednesday. One auto of Jurassic Park-themed "Flying Dinosaur" stopped during its upward climb whereas, the other stalled before reaching the terminal.

Tuesday's incident was not the first time the ride ran into trouble.

Despite what happened, many visitors to the theme park, which was packed due to the Golden Week holidays, queued to ride the rollercoaster as soon as operations resumed following a test run shortly after 7pm on Tuesday.

The same roller coaster also had similar trouble during operation in August and September past year, leaving some passengers stranded.

Strangely enough, despite the incident, people still made a decision to board the ride once operations resumed shortly after 7 p.m. local time, Japan Times reported.

But some visitors were nonetheless horrified by the incident. The footage captured by Asahi showed some of the people descending the ride while theme park goers on the ground continued to enjoy their day.