Tesla Model 3 Production To Increase To 6000 Cars A Month


Following a report last week where Consumer Reports criticized the Tesla Model 3 for its poor braking performance, Tesla has quickly released a firmware update to hopefully help the Model 3 improve the brakes. That also allows braking to recapture some battery power. Tesla Model 3 saw a lot of hold-ups in the manufacturing process.

The negative review arrives amid a blitz of negative Tesla headlines.

Musk has been outspoken about the criticism Tesla has received, and the media's reporting on it. That crash is the third accident in recent months that has occurred when a Tesla was in the semiautonomous driving mode. Patrick Olsen, the reporter from Consumer Reports who covered the story, stated that the testing team at Consumer Reports found major problems in the tests on emergency braking, which included longer distance to stop the vehicle, along with complicated controls for the same. Let's see if the EV can get a recommendation from them this time around. That said, Tesla has been delayed in delivering the new cars to their new owners due to constraints in manufacturing.

Consumer Reports' tests found that the Model 3 had dramatic problems with emergency braking at high speeds. "Stopping distance results are affected by variables such as road surface, weather conditions, tire temperature, brake conditioning, outside temperature, and past driving behavior that may have affected the brake system".

Tesla challenged it and replied that her own structures measured the stopping distance of 40.5 meters. Those controls are embedded in the vehicle's touch-screen, which many reviewers have lauded for its sleek design and convenience.

The publication's review wasn't all bad, however.

Tesla made such statements during the lead-up to, and early production of, its Model 3 sedan and failed to disclose that the company was "woefully unprepared" for the vehicle's production, the lawsuit said.

"In fact", the publication adds, "our testers found the Model 3 thrilling to drive".