Tim Allen's 'Last Man Standing' revived by Fox


"So I would say we were emboldened, I would say, by the performance of "Roseanne.' And that certainly made us think that this is a really good opportunity, that for broadcast viewers a beloved star in a really amusing multi-cam that has, again, a little bit easier entry point than a serialized comedy was a good idea".

It wasn't just conservatives that were praising the show's return, either. It's a really amusing show. We always wondered how it would do if it was given a better opportunity and prioritized more in terms of a network's agenda. The six-season long Last Man Standing, on the other hand, routinely delivered around 8 million viewers on a weekly basis.

Nearly exactly a year after its cancellation, following petitions and cries from fans to bring it back, Allen thanked everyone for their support and announced that the show would air on Fox starting in the fall of 2018. "And we have been talking to Tim through the year". In other words, a revived Tim Allen may really be the new revived Roseanne Barr, and things are gonna be messy.

Asked how Allen's conservative politics had played into the show's ABC cancellation, as had been much debated back when it happened, Fox co-chair Gary Newman came to that network's defense.

"I'm not sure that cancellation really had anything to do with politics", he said.

"Tim's personal politics aren't really a big feature of the show", Newman said of "Last Man". "[His character] Mike Baxter is a centrist [and] doesn't have extreme political views".

"And the show never really delves deeply into political viewers". "We think its a amusing show and audience responded to it... and we thought there was an opportunity there for us particularly after adding Thursday Night Football".

"I think one of the great things about broadcast television is that the fans get very connected to these stars, the character and the shows", he said.

Walden also revealed that they tried to move Last Man Standing over to Fox when the series was canceled in 2017.

"... We really looked for an opportunity to move it to our schedule and we just didn't have the right show to pair it with", he said. "It's also one of the few comedies in recent years that does a robust worldwide number, and it has a syndication upside, which a lot of shows don't have anymore".

Fox's upfront event - when it will present its new shows to potential advertisers - will take place Monday afternoon at New York City's Beacon Theatre. It feels like it goes along shows like A.P. Bio, Will & Grace, Superstore, and The Good Place.