Which one is it? Yanny or Laurel?


While Coppenger admits to being "kind of puzzled" by the yanny/laurel audio clip, he said internet users' experience with the clip should not be compared to humans' normal experience of perceiving the world.

The intriguing clip was taken from a YouTube video from 2014 by DosmRider, a reviewer of collectables, but was shared on Reddit before exploding and going viral across social media platforms.

"At first you just hear static, but then the brain knows what to listen for and then you hear it", DeGeneres explained.

David Alais of the University of Sydney School of Psychology told the Guardian that this clip is an example of perceptually ambiguous stimulus. Alais says that the brain can flip back and forth between both sounds because it can find a definitive interpretation of the clip.

But it turns out that there could be a scientific explanation for why people are hearing the recording differently.

The debate got so big that even National Football League teams started arguing about it. Take the Panthers for instance - they couldn't seem to agree on what exactly they were hearing.

Tucker, whose research focuses on how the sounds of words can get "reduced" in the flow of conversation, also pointed out that varying interpretations of words aren't limited to online snippets. Why would people hear two totally different words?

In perhaps the most vexing element of the debate, the majority of listeners hear beyond doubt one of the two words, with few waffling between the two. "It clear as day says Yanny", Lexy Rose tweeted.

On Twitter, Steve Pomeroy was able to accomplish the same thing by changing the pitch.

A clip posted on Twitter yesterday showing a little figurine making a sound is now causing people to doubt their own ears again.

Laurel and Yanny have stepped out of the debate, and into the San Antonio Humane Society, to find their forever homes.

The recording seems to be a slightly altered version of vocabulary.com's pronunciation aide for the word laurel.