Why Avalanche are the flawless studio to make Rage 2


The game has a very solid pedigree behind it with Avalanche Studios and id Software behind the helm.

Of course, Avalanche aren't infallible and Mad Max wasn't without issues of its own.

"That's right, this is a f****ing AAAAAA game". Get a first look of the upcoming game in our first official gameplay trailer. Watch the Rage 2 gameplay trailer using the player below!

As was discovered yesterday, id Software is developing the sequel with Mad Max developer Avalanche Studios.

Since then Bethesda has been teasing fans about Rage 2, with the publisher's official Twitter account hinting an announcement was for today.

The gameplay will take place in a massive open world in what remains of humanity, but with no law, zero order and a survival of the fittest/nastiest play out it's going to be an eye watering ride. We're informed by an unidentified narrator - who seems to be the game's protagonist, Walker - that Rage 2's world is a post-apocalyptic wasteland that is now being fought over by various factions. A big theme with Rage 2 is the freedom of the open world, with the promise of being able to "go anywhere, shoot anything, and explode everything".

Check out the trailer above and the newly released screenshots below.

Based on the simple fact that the same people who made Just Cause 3 are involved in making Rage 2, gives gamers hope that it will at least be somewhat of a fun game.

We wouldn't expect to see a release date either.

This first look is mostly real actors in costume and CGI, but the description states that we'll be seeing a gameplay reveal later today.