Wolf Launches New Ad Touting Reforms the Day After Primary


Republican gubernatorial candidate Paul Mango explains how he would approach the budget process. Ellsworth, a commercial litigation attorney, never mustered that kind of cash, and she and Mango were relative unknowns when they began their campaigns.

"In the weeks and months to come, this campaign will move full speed ahead to spread Scott's blue collar, pro-paycheck message all across Pennsylvania, and we are confident we will defeat Tom Wolf in November", said Jason High, Wagner's campaign manager. "Val was critical to our victory and I am looking forward to a strong and unified party as Val and I lead together", Wagner said during his victory speech.

Political analyst and pollster Dr. Terry Madonna says the bitter ad war between Mango and Wagner may leave the GOP with a battered nominee.

Wagner fashions himself as a garbage man coming to clean up a state government that chokes the economy with regulations and taxes.

Barletta endorsed Trump for president. But back in 2014, I put everything I had into what many said was a insane, "un-winnable" write-in campaign for the state senate.

Wolf also will have a big cash advantage: Wolf headed into May with $14 million in his campaign account, while Wagner reported $2.2 million.

Three GOP candidates for governor are facing off to see who will take on Tom Wolf in November.

Scott Wagner is the apparent victor of the GOP nomination in the race for governor of Pennsylvania.

Though Wagner and Wolf might technically have a lot in common, they've spent the first hours of their general election contest drawing lines in the sand. Wolf was uncontested in the primary, while Fetterman won the nomination among a field of five candidates.

Fetterman had made a failed bid in 2016 for the U.S. Senate.

Wolf past year ordered an investigation into the treatment of state employees by Stack and his wife and stripped Stack of state police protection.