Xbox One Digital Games Can Now Be Given As Gifts


Microsoft is reportedly working on a new Xbox controller designed with accessibility needs in mind according to a recent leak and follow-up reporting.

It's likely that this Xbox One accessibility controller will be revealed at E3 next month. There you'll find a brand new button that says "buy as a gift". It also features a 3 light LED similar to the previously leaked Xbox Elite V2 controller, which could be to indicate when different programmed modes are active.

An image posted online by WalkingCat Twitter account shows a gamepad with two large black pads in place of the traditional array of buttons.

Less obvious are other features that require some speculation. Of particular interest are what appears to be various ports on both the side and top of the controller. There's also A and B symbols etched into the controller underneath the customizable pads, and a sleek Xbox logo on the underside.

The Xbox One may be getting a new controller built to help those with disabilities get into gaming.

Posting on Xbox Wire, John Smith, Senior Director, Microsoft Store Product Marketing, explains that the new gift options introduced a year ago have been a "huge hit".

However, it looks like the new Xbox One controller looks a lot like the old school Nintendo NES gamepad which, even though is not considered a comfortable one, has gone down in the history of gaming as an iconic one.