'Yanny' or 'Laurel': What Do You Hear This Voice Saying?


The internet was seemingly split Tuesday when a circulating audio clip asked listeners to choose: Do they hear "Yanny?" "I hear laurel", wrote Ryan Switzer.

That explanation was roundly dismissed by many on Twitter, however a select few claimed they managed to hear both Yanny and Laurel. Well buckle up, folks, because there's a new viral sensation causing divisions in offices and group texts everywhere: an audio clip of a computerized voice saying a word. Now it's Yanny or Laurel.

While some people are clearly hearing one word, there are many people who say they eventually hear the other word after listening over and over again.

I'm assuming they combined the high frequencies of "Yanny" with the lower frequencies of "Laurel" (with some overlap), and the two words are phonetically similar enough for this to work.

David Monahan said the audio clip "was Yanny when I listened on my computer and Laurel on my phone..."

Remember the dress that people either thought was gold and white or black and blue?