YouTube is working on an incognito mode for its Android app


Another method was to sign out and use the app as is.

A lot of Android apps allow users to use all features privately without their activity being tracked.

Some of Google's apps come with an incognito mode that basically doesn't track what you do, so if you're using a browser on a public computer, switching to incognito mode on Chrome will help give you some semblance of privacy.

The next version of Android, known as Android P, will let users keep tabs on which apps they spend the most time in, number of times you've unlocked your device and more. A new "Pause Watch and Search History" has popped up following the latest update, which stops Google from keeping a record of your viewing history. Like Google Chrome, YouTube appears to be adding an incognito mode for that exact objective.

This isn't being billed as a major update for the app, instead it's quietly being added to some users' devices; a dedicated support page is now live too, so if you've not received the update yet, that's a solid sign that it'll be on its way soon.

Incognito Mode offers the same benefits of signing out, without having to sign out of your current browsing session. There are several different commands available, so if you've already gotten the voice remote or you just want to be prepared for when it does arrive, you can find a list of available voice commands right here. Along with this, YouTube will also be displaying the letter HDR in the quality of the video.