YouTube just added songwriter, label and publisher credits to millions of songs


It's notable that today's news of the "Music in this video" feature was accompanied by approving statements from some of YouTube's prominent critics within the industry. In addition to providing credits, this new "Music in this video" section links to official content and is aimed at aiding discovery.

When you're watching a video with a song you love, click "Show more" beneath the video for the song's name, artist, writers, licensors and a link to the official artist channel or music video when available. According to Google, the feature is created to help users identify songs in videos that they have stumbled upon and instantly liked. Unfortunately the good comes with bad, as YouTube's Head of Music Lyor Cohen (a familiar foe) hopes to identify users who predominantly use the streaming service to listen to music. Now, all videos with music will have artist, songwriter, label and publisher credits.

"YouTube is committed to providing recognition to all of the people who contribute to the creative process, and this is just the beginning".

More than half a billion videos on YouTube will, from today, carry credits covering songwriter, label and publisher data - and that's just the start. The company said the new feature is driven by its Content ID system, which finds and monetizes user-uploaded videos for rights owners, and is aided by existing partnerships with labels, publishers and rights societies.

During the presentation last month of the Global Music Report, the record biz took a swipe at YouTube and other on-demand platforms which claim "they are not legally responsible for the music they distribute on their site".

"Songwriters are essential to the success of the music industry, but too often their critical role gets overlooked".

"What YouTube has done by making credits a priority to its platform will allow a better music experience for all". "Music in this video" will be accessible by clicking "Show more" underneath a video.