Asus has a monster phone for serious mobile gamers


But that's exactly what the firm did, showing off a phone under its Republic of Gamers (RoG) sub-brand more commonly associated with powerful laptops, graphics cards, displays and motherboards. This phone packs a 6-inch AMOLED screen clocking in at 2K resolution. And now, it's making smartphones! In addition to the traditional bottom-mounted USB-C port, there's also one on the side of the phone, which allows you to charge with the phone in landscape mode without an awkward cable sticking out from the side. It is paired with 8GB of RAM and a choice of either 128GB or 512GB of storage. It's also got a 3D vapour chamber inside and, the charger sports a smart temperature managed charging system. The trend started picking up with the Razer phone and some time later Xiaomi also launched the Black Shark gaming phone.

Asus has gone for broke with the ROG Phone's range of accessories. That said, with games like PUBG being played on phones, it could be a matter of time before heavier specifications are required.

ASUS today revealed the ROG, an exciting Android phone that looks remarkably similar to the Nintendo Switch. Secondly, the gaming scene on Android isn't exactly exploding, with most of the games on the store being of the casual kind that won't benefit from the various controller accessories in anyway. The headset comes with 3.5mm connectivity and also offers a USB adaptor for virtual surround sound support. The TwinView Dock is a clamshell-type handheld console with its own display. Flawless for those who actually stream their mobile games, you could have the game running on one screen, wand Twitch interactions on the other.

While the phone's chassis has the RoG evil-eye logo and angular slashes that scream "noughties gaming nerd" and make us want to take the piss out of it, there appears to be quite a bit of clever engineering and practical use behind the phone.

There's more. The phone has three ultrasonic "AirTrigger" touch sensors - two are created to be left and right triggers at the top of display for gaming in landscape mode, and a third one designed for portrait-mode use. Also included is a larger 6,000mAh battery for extended gameplay.

Featuring unnecessary tessellated design - like somebody has smashed their phone and then struggled to put it back together correctly - the ROG Phone is unlikely to be mistaken for anything else in a hurry.

While TUF Gaming peripherals march our military-inspired motif across all of the across what you wear and wield, the GT501 chassis clads your PC components in matching armour. That's not all, there's also two side controllers called the Gamevice that clip on either side of the device, and you can also get a variety of docks - including a desktop mounted one for full-scale gaming.

That's the AeroActive Cooler: a detachable cooler unit that clips on the rear of your mobile and sucks all the heat away from your system.