Bill Richardson: U.S., North Korea statement has 'no meat on bones'


The message was clear: Kim had a decision to make. Along the way, Trump tossed out pronouncements on US alliances, human rights, and the nature of the accord that he and Kim had signed.

But in an extraordinary media conference later, Mr Trump announced details are not in the paper. This is going to be a very complicated process once you start getting into matters of timing, a kind of sequencing.

He added that he can understand why Trump was so eager for even a meaningless joint statement and a photograph heading into the midterm elections, given that he will now sell it as a great victory.

The S&P 500 rose 0.2%, spot gold fell by $3, US 10-year bond yields were up 75 basis points, and the USA dollar index remained relatively unchanged. Trump described the drills as "provocative" and "inappropriate".

"I'm determined that Japan will have to directly face North Korea and resolve [the abductions] bilaterally", Abe told reporters.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, an Air Force veteran, balked at the idea of USA soldiers leaving the region. Kim called the sit-down a "good prelude for peace" and Trump pledged that "working together we will get it taken care of".

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"Their story is well-known", the narrator says while images of Trump and Kim appear on screen. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's regime has violated multiple United Nations Security Council resolutions by continuing to test ever more risky ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons and was found guilty of crimes against humanity by a U.N. Commission of Inquiry in 2014. The president, slipping back into his pre-White House focus, began talking up North Korea's potential as an Asian holiday resort. Murphy, have been quick to point out that no long-term verification process was included in the agreement.

North Korea sees the annual exercises as a rehearsal for invasion, but the government in Seoul maintains they are defensive in nature. Trump and Kim referred back to the so-called Panmunjom Declaration, which contained a weak commitment to denuclearization but no specifics on how to achieve it. So number one we save money, a lot, and number two, it really is something that I think they [North Korea] very much appreciate. The U.S. president brushed off questions about his public embrace of the autocrat whose people have been oppressed for decades. -South Korea military maneuvers may be in doubt and was showered with effusive praise from a president who just past year derided him as "little rocket man".

Bloomberg reported that Trump's departure time was moved up in response to Kim's plans to leave Singapore shortly after the summit.

"It is worrisome, very worrisome, that this joint statement is so imprecise", Schumer added. Trump has dangled the prospect of economic investment in the North as a sweetener for giving up its nuclear weapons. Toward the end of the meeting. Xi's presence hung over Tuesday's talks: China's leader met twice with Kim in recent weeks and an Air China Ltd jet ferried the North Korean ruler to Singapore from Pyongyang on June 10 ahead of the summit. Trump left that summit early and, as he flew to Singapore, tweeted that he was yanking the United States out of the group's traditional closing statement. Now, with Donald Trump's summit with Kim Jong-un, the tables have been turned.

Especially for Republicans, Trump's meeting with Kim seemed complicated given the history of North Korea's intransience and distressing human rights record.