Burger King renamed 'Pancake King' to mock IHOP


In the meantime, IHOP's casual dining as well as QSR burger-centric rivals had some fun with counter-tweets, as Burger King rebranded its Twitter handle as Pancake King, while Whataburger posted a box of pancake mix on Instagram.

Apparently succumbing to the theory that any publicity is good publicity, IHOP announced Monday it is now IHOB.

The burger chain, which serves pancakes for breakfast, changed its name on its social-media channels and updated photos to put more emphasis on pancakes instead of its famous Whoppers.

"We are definitely going to be IHOP", IHOP president Darren Rebelez tells CNNMoney's Paul R. La Monica.

The announcement is initially met with a negative response online.

The internet was buzzing last week after then-IHOP announced on Monday, June 4, that the restaurant would be making a dramatic change to their infamous brand by flipping the "p" in their logo to a "b".

Still, the company is excited about the newest menu additions.

The new IHOb Twitter account includes a cover image of the word "Burgers!" hovering above a handful of different burgers, including ones with bacon, hash browns, jalapeños and eggs. "Burgers", one said. "What's next..."

So, we at Business Insider chose to try out the new burgers for ourselves. At the time, anyway, the brand was all about encouraging people to eat breakfast all day, with half of the breakfast food orders at IHOP happening at lunch or dinner.

"And while [Haley] spoke about the IHOb marketing campaign, which is set to wind down at the end of the summer, in the past tense, he was already looking forward to the days when people would be nostalgic for it", Bromwich writes.

Once we heard that, the grilling began on social media. "Based on fan demand, there's the chance we may create more IHOb restaurants in the future". Despite the major change, though, they should still expect the same quality of service and food that the company is known for. After all, this is a restaurant with the pancake menu mainstay Rooty Tooty Fresh 'N Fruity.