Cavaliers hope scenery change reverses NBA Finals fortunes


Unfortunately for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Smith was a nonfactor Sunday night after his late-game mistake in Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

That's why things, while often heated, never seem to get overheated. Stephen Curry scored 33 points and hit an NBA Finals-record nine 3-pointers.

To avoid a similar scenario, Cavs players besides LeBron James (who has averaged 40 points, 10.5 assists, and 8.5 rebounds through two Finals games) will have to step up and make shots.

James followed up his 51-point performance in Game 1 with 29 points, 13 assists and nine rebounds in a far tamer finals sequel - and a much more lopsided one - minus the utter craziness of a drama-packed opener three days prior.

Curry had the shot of the night with 7:54 to play, making an off-balance swish from several feet behind the 3-point arc over Love as the shot clock wound down, then scooted backward in delight.

Moments later, James drilled a three-pointer from the left wing to finally put away the young Celtics, who will now feel the vast pressure of trying to hold off the three-time champion.

If you are a Cavaliers optimist, you can point to a number of open 3-pointers that didn't go in at Oracle Arena. If the Warriors win another, they will join dynasty status in Armstrong's mind.

"We want to continue to be uncomfortable".

Curry opened the game missing four of his first five 3-point attempts in the first quarter as Golden State had a 32-28 lead.

Asked if he felt a sense of "helplessness" while guarding Curry, Thompson wasn't impressed. Most recently, Curry missed the first six games of the playoffs with a left MCL sprain. "We've just got to come out, stick to our game plan, keep playing hard and we'll be fine". He's shown no lingering effects from his time in the league's concussion protocol from the conference finals but has yet to regain his shooting stroke, particularly from long range.

The stats will tell you everything you need to know about just how uncompetitive these games are, but it's worse when you tune in to watch the games and see with your eyes how lopsided the match-up is.

"So at some point, when this is all said and done, I hope to kind of just sit back and really truly appreciate, from start to finish, all that went into it". He pointed out that Cleveland's players did a poor job of switching on screens to defend Curry and the Warriors' other shooters. The Cavs couldn't get off a shot and lost in overtime.

After looking stagnant and vulnerable at times on offense in that seven-game bout with the Houston Rockets, Golden State finally appears to resemble itself again - even without injured forward Andre Iguodala, whose presence as a secondary ballhandler has been missed on that end.

Where the Warriors stack up if they win a third championship in four years will make for a dynasty debate.