Child in rehab after getting so addicted to Fortnite she wet herself


In a bid to wean her off Fortnite, the couple limited their daughter's game play to one hour on weekdays and two hours on weekends, but she refused to follow the rules. However, by mid-march, her school reported her slacking and snoozing in the class.

The girl, who has not been named for legal reasons, is being treated at a clinic after she wet herself during a 10-hour binge and even punched her dad in the face when he tried to confiscate the shoot-em-up game. "She had fallen asleep twice in lessons and her grades were slipping", said Carol, the girl's mother.

'My husband saw her light on in the night and found her sitting on a urine-soaked cushion playing the game.

The schoolgirl, nine, was taken to rehab after she became addicted to the online multiplayer game, Fortnite.

"This is a serious issue which is destroying our little girl's life and someone needs to step in to ban it before it becomes an epidemic".

The primary school student downloaded survival shooter game Fortnite, which is played by more than 40m people worldwide, when her parents bought her an Xbox in January.

Once a keen sportswoman, the youngster starting saying she was too exhausted to do gym or ballet classes and avoided going to church on Sunday with her family. The parents also started noticing regular charges on their credit card, which totaled up to £50 ($67) a month.

According to MailOnline, parents have told of how children of a placid demeanour have become more aggressive, developing an obsession with guns and killing, after playing the game.

Although the game is free to play, developers have raked in cash from in-game purchases as players try to boost their performance.

The woman described how Fornite had made her son less sociable, saying he would ignore family time. The girl preferred to wet herself rather than leave the game and go to the bathroom. At the moment, she is following a rehab program and therapy sessions to get rid of Fortnite addiction.

But her mum said: 'I urge every parent out there to know what this game can do, how it sucks young children in and could ruin lives'.

The game has been endorsed by celebs, sparking fears among mental health experts its promotion is leading to record numbers of online addiction.

Most Fortnite players take part in Battle Royale mode - fighting against 99 others to be the last person standing.

And professional gamers are making up to £500,000 (NZ$953,000) a month from live-streaming their matches for addicted children to watch.