Crawford dominates Horn to win WBO welterweight title


"Hornet!" but they couldn't fight for him, as Crawford continued to land in the second round, including a straight left hand down the middle that rocked Horn.

An old man dressed in a sparkly white jumpsuit holding a microphone regularly steers a mobility scooter with the other as he rushes through the foot traffic on the sidewalks heading to his gig as a roadside Elvis.

Terence Crawford after Vasyl Lomachenko became the world champion in three weight categories.

"Hopefully it's a trick from Top Rank".

Crawford's immediate response about how he, as arguably the pound-for-pound best boxer in the sport, is simply another challenge altogether than the faded Filipino legend seemed to echo the opinion of most, which includes everyone from Vegas oddsmakers to the American media. He suspects it was deliberate. I thought there were some close rounds in there, and it was definitely a premature stoppage. I think there was some tricks up the sleeves for this one.

"I feel like I'm getting better and better". Obviously, the scale was a bit tricky. There is, however, every reason for him to think hard about the pros and cons of going back to square one and attempting to blast his way back into world title contention again.

He wasn't so fortunate against Crawford, who out-landed Horn 155-58, according to CompuBox.

Terence Crawford has officially crashed the party at 147-pounds. "I knew his [Horn] punches couldn't hurt me, I hit him with a right hook that really hurt him and I knew then it was just a matter of time".

With the win, Crawford added the WBO welterweight belt to his ever-growing collection of world titles.

"I told you all before: I'm strong, " Crawford (33-0, 24 KOs) said.

The challenger had adopted a brash approach in the lead-up to the bout having had plenty handed to him on a platter - he got the horsehair gloves he wanted, he got the original bout postponed for a hand injury Horn's camp labelled "fake", and he is staying in a lavish multi-level apartment at the MGM Grand.

"We allowed for a margin of error but we get down here and they were out by more than a pound".

Outside of the unlikely chance that Horn's size becomes a problem and Crawford somehow doesn't carry his punching power up to a new division, it's incredibly hard to concoct a scenario in which anything Horn can do will slow Crawford down. He doesn't look gaunt like he has for other fights. "Crawford looked a little smug but that will all be gone by round one".

And while Horn's trainer Glenn Rushton said Crawford was sharp by remaining patient for counter punches, he didn't think it was as dominating a fight as everyone else.

Jeff Horn v Terence Crawford Pay Per View will be broadcast on Foxtel Channel 507.

For as cool and calm as he typically carries himself, unbeaten Terence Crawford came out of his shell just enough during Thursday's final news conference, hammering home his final point with an extra amount of virility while staring across from WBO welterweight champion Jeff Horn.

Horn became a star of sorts thanks to his win a year ago over Manny Pacquiao before a packed crowd in an outdoor stadium in Brisbane.

He weighed in at 147.51 pounds after believing he was already under the required weight.

"Doesn't mean anything. He has made weight".

That was heralded as a way to bring boxing back to the masses, and it worked.

"I suppose someone's dodgied up the scales for us".

"They're all going to respect me now".

Asked about the weigh-in drama, Horn hinted all was not right with the scales provided. So can Jeff Horn.

Horn, while tough and gritty as usual, was never even remotely in the fight.

And when Horn missed the weight, McIntyre and Crawford reacted predictably by laughing.

"We tried it on the main scales in the room - obviously they've got it wrong up there because we were way under on our scales", Horn said. I thought I was under actually. "Obviously the scales are a bit tricky - oh well, I've only got half a pound to lose".