Dodgers, Rangers Brawl After Matt Kemp Runs Over Robinson Chirinos


Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp and Texas Rangers catcher Robinson Chirinos were both ejected from Wednesday night's game at Dodgers Stadium after a collision at the plate caused both benches to clear.

Chirinos took a throw from right fielder Nomar Mazara and Kemp was going to be an easy out to end the third inning, but he lowered his shoulder and plowed into Chirinos.

Left-hander Cole Hamels grabbed Kemp and pulled him away from Chirinos.

Matt Kemp attempted to run through Robinson Chirinos before the Dodgers-Rangers game descended to chaos.

The two nudged each other as they got up and soon Kemp pushed Chirinos who then tried throwing a punch back. Kemp returned the shove as both benches and bullpens emptied and formed a scrum at the plate.

Major League Baseball rules governing plays at home plate allow for contact when the catcher has the ball and is in the way, but it's likely Kemp would have been called out even if Chirinos had dropped the ball. The Dodgers and the Rangers went at it.

Kemp was eventually ejected from the game.