DOOM Eternal Announced With Twice the Number of Demons


On Sunday night, Bethesda surprised the crowd at their annual E3 press conference with a surprise reveal of Doom Eternal, a sequel to 2016's critically acclaimed Doom. The developers did say there would be twice as many demons, and that the Doom Slayer would feel even more powerful.

While Bethesda hasn't shown much about the upcoming DOOM Eternal but did tease Hell On Earth. The video shows us a frightful hellscape that looks like it's actually Earth.

Stratton and creative director Hugo Martin revealed that Doom Eternal takes place on Earth, and would push the game forward from everything the previous game did.

DOOM is back with a new sequel. Unfortunately, details about the game were sparse.

A new entry in the legendary video game series "DOOM" is in production. Little else is known at the moment, but the game will make its official debut at Quake Con this August. This has been, in fact, the most popular guess considering what the fans have been wanting to see since the 2016 reboot came out. The game was a huge success commercially, selling millions of copies. Doom perfectly blended old-school shooter ideas with fast and fluid mechanics made possible by current generation consoles.

DOOM Eternal is expected to launch in 2019 for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Once Doom: Eternal gives us that same combination of handsome movement, destructive weaponry, and wonderful soundtrack, it will be a huge success.