E3 2018: New ‘DOOM’ Game ‘Eternal’ Announced


The Elder Scrolls VI won't arrive in 2018, but Bethesda does plan to release a brand new Elder Scrolls game in 2018 dubbed Blades.

The game will get a brand new look and feel when it comes to the consoles (and the mobile versions will also be updated), as the game has been rebuilt from the ground up.

The game will come out later this year, with a release date tipped for November 14.

However, no further information on the game such as where the game will be set up or what story to be expected from it. Todd Howard of Bethesda has said that the Elder Scrolls 6 trailer has plenty to pick at.

Microsoft left gamers salivating after their impressive showing, now it's Bethesda's turn to show us what they have in store for the rest of 2018 going into 2019.

Fallout 76 is an entirely online game - although you will be able to play it solo - and it a "soft core" survival game where death doesn't result in a loss of progress.

The game will be free-to-play and is scheduled to release sometime this fall, but in the meantime Bethesda previewed a few key elements of the game at E3. It will retain the first-person perspective and RPG-influenced action of the previous three major Fallout games, but enable cooperative and competitive multiplayer in a semi-massively multiplayer online environment.

While on stage, Todd Howard mentioned that the map in Fallout 76 is four times larger than the map featured in Fallout 4. There's even a portrait mode to cater for players on smartphone.

RAGE 2 will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in Spring 2019. Starfield is the first new franchise to Bethesda Softworks for, neither more nor less, 25 years, because the wait is clearly worth it.

Discover Starfield, the new space epic now in development by Bethesda Game Studios.

Fans of the Elder Scrolls series might recognize the name.

Instead of a controller, you'll take on your enemies using your device's touchscreen.