EPA's Pruitt May Need to Resign, Key Republican Ally Says


Renew Kansas board member and President/CEO of East Kansas Agri-Energy, Bill Pracht, provided a tour of the facility's ethanol and renewable diesel operations before turning the event over to a lively standing-room-only conversation on the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).

"Small and rural communities are the backbone of South Dakota, and they deserve better from the EPA", said Peterson, who serves as the state's assistant majority leader in the House.

The job hunt included Pruitt's approaching wealthy party supporters and conservative figures with ties to the Trump administration. "It's been very quiet".

"It's above and beyond anything I'm aware of, with respect to any government employee, " she said, with the fact that Leo accompanied Pruitt on the trip to Italy making the situation even more problematic.

Leo is a prominent Pruitt backer and longtime friend who was involved in arrangements for the administrator's visit to Italy previous year. The EPA moved earlier this year to block that measure, which has been roundly criticized in South Dakota since it was created.

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt may need to resign amid reports that he used an agency aide to help look for a job for his wife and leased an low-priced condo from an energy lobbyist's wife, Republican Senator Jim Inhofe, a longtime friend of Pruitt's, said Wednesday.

Later in the day, the Oklahoman's support dwindled from one his allies, U.S. Sen. So, I've kind of taken the position that if that doesn't stop, I'm going to be forced to be in a position where I'm going to say, 'Well, Scott, you're not doing your job, ' Inhofe told conservative radio host Laura Ingraham.

"I've said there are a lot of things that he has done - I know him very well - some are not characteristic of him at all", Inhofe said. They upset me as much as they upset you, and I think something needs to happen to change that.

In the interview, Ingraham said she was already at her breaking point with Pruitt and argued his "bad judgment" was hurting Trump and conflicting with the President's "drain the swamp" message.

Barrasso also sent a letter this week to Alaska Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski, who chairs the appropriations committee for Interior and Environment, to request that there be sufficient funding for the EPA's Inspector General's office to carry out several open investigations into Pruitt's conduct.

Ingraham declared on Twitter that Pruitt's "BAD JUDGEMENT" was "HURTING" Trump, and that he's "GOTTA GO".