Fallout 76 will have mod support, but not at launch


My take? Bethesda is trying something new without drastically changing the game itself. It's now listed at $199 for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, but that may not be the exact retail price when the game ships in November of this year.

This Fallout title will feature new monsters, inspired by the history of its setting, West Virginia. The announcement generated massive buzz after being revealed Sunday at Microsoft's Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 2018. Vault 76 is one of the first vaults built by Vault-Tec and is said to contain the best and brightest. It looks like we'll start playing at Reclamation Day, the day when the Vault actually opens back up to the Wasteland. Bethesda says its revamped lighting and graphics rendering tech will make the environment look spectacular at every turn. The Overseer of Vault 76 sends you on a quest where you'll go through six different regions of West Virginia.

McElroy said it might be a weird, but a good look for West Virginia, as it exposes the tiny state, which has one of the smallest and oldest populations in the USA, to a largely younger audience.

And now to the part that everyone has been wondering about. Information received not too long ago suggested that this would be some kind of a multiplayer experience.

Bethesda this evening not only revealed that Fallout 4 would be entirely online, but also that Bethesda would host a Fallout 76 Beta later this year to prepare for launch.

Howard blurted out the term "softcore survival" when talking about the game, with death not necessarily spelling the end of your character.

One of the big questions about Fallout 76 is whether or not it will support mods.

You can play solo if you'd like to.

If you want to play with friends, apparently it will be very easy to join the same server and you'll never lose any progress doing so.

The game is set before all the other Fallout games. "We love dynamic game systems, so we thought, "Why don't we put multiple nuclear sites on the map and let you do whatever you want with them?'" Howard mused". Not only can these silos be accessed, but they contain nuclear missiles which can be fired anywhere on the map.

So the switch to a multiplayer world that's online only could send diehard Fallout and Elder Scrolls fans into an apoplectic fit of rage; oh Rage 2 by the way, is another upcoming Bethesda published game that the company shed more light on at E2 2018.

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