Gmail for Android is Finally Going to Let You Customize Swipe Actions


Android Police noted that the new feature may have been released via a server-side change exposed in the Android version of the app in the last few days. There are different actions that you can set your swipe gestures to do, such as Archive, Delete, Mark as read/unread, Move to, Snooze, None.

That could be a way bigger deal than it sounds. Now, the search giant seems to have rolled out another draw to Gmail for Android: the ability to modify swipe actions. No more opening emails or navigating menus over and over.

You can enable the new Swipe actions feature in Gmail's General settings screen, then tap through to the specific Swipe actions page.

To customize the option, head into Gmail for Android's settings - general settings - swipe actions and choose what you'd like your swipe action to do.

Choose your own swipe actions with the latest Gmail for Android
Gmail's new Swipe Actions could change how you use email on phone

It's not long since Google rolled out a major redesign to Gmail on the web, bringing not only a new look, but also new features.

As of now, this option is not available for iOS users of Gmail, but it is expected that very soon the company will launch an upgrade update for iOS users too.

Google didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.