Grandmother Wrestles Rabid Bobcat, Kills It With Bare Hands


Her 5-year-old granddaughter was sleeping inside her home during the life-or-death struggle in her front yard.

"I thought, 'Not today.' There was no way I was going to die", Phillips told the paper.

"I snapped a picture and about that time the bobcat took two steps".

Once the bobcat stopped moving, she yelled for someone to call 911. "I was scared ... that my granddaughter would come out and I didn't want that to happen", she says.

Phillips said she grew up in the country, where her father-in-law was once a trapper of bobcats. She then grabbed the cat by its throat and didn't let go. Phillips said she will require costly medical attention and her family set-up an online fundraiser to help pay for the treatment.

"As he starts towards me, I threw my phone and he went mid-air and just about knocked me down", she said.

"I strangled it to death", she said. "It never budged, so I knew it was completely dead", Philips said.

The attack led to Phillips suffering a broken finger and numerous bite and claw wounds to her hands, arms, chest and legs.

Moments after the thought passed her head, the bobcat pounced on her.

Though bobcat sightings are rare, the animals have been known to attack humans and are especially aggressive when they are sick.

"And his face gets mean".

The Hart County Sheriff's Office confirmed that deputies responded to an incident involving a bobcat attack last week, adding that the animal also had stab wounds. They proceeded to remove the body of the wildcat and burned its blood left behind in the driveway. "If she would have came out it would have killed her".