Jogger who trashed homeless man's clothes due in court for separate incident


Investigators say Sintay stole a phone from a man who confronted and filmed him a day later. He's being held in lieu of $100,000 bail.

Besides the robbery count, Sintay is also accused of having a 2009 felony conviction in Riverside County for sale or transportation of marijuana. However, Sintay grabbed Nelson's phone, fought with him and ran off.

According to court documents when Sintay was arrested Monday, he confessed to the strong arm robbery of the cell phone.

No charges have been filed in the actual throwing of the homeless man's belongings into the lake.

On Friday, Sintay, shirtless and sporting a full beard he has since shaved, was recorded on video trashing the belongings of Greg Markson, a homeless man known to most as Jarew, at the Lake Merritt columns.

Footage of the jogger dismantling the camp in a lakeside shelter went viral after being published on a neighborhood Facebook group, sparking outcry from residents and condemnation from Oakland's mayor.

Nelson then asks whether Sintay threw the man's things into the lake as some witnesses say he did.

The jogger, later identified as "Henry" denied throwing Drew's possessions into the lake, insisting they fell in on accident while he was "picking up trash".

The victim suffered a mild concussion and some cuts and bruises.

JJ Harris, who filmed the video, said he was just "hanging out" when he "saw someone throwing a large pile of blankets into the lake".

John Harris, who shot one of the videos, told KNTV that police told him afterward that the jogger could potentially only be fined for littering because the homeless man's belongings are legally considered debris. The site says, "We're disgusted that someone thought it was OK to treat Drew this way and want to show him through our care that what happened to him is unacceptable. It's all over the place, if you want to help, help".

"I find there to be a real cruelty in how people are being dealt with here", Farha said in a January interview with the East Bay Express. "He can pick it up". In a freakish turn of events, he returned to the scene on Saturday and waded in shallow water to pull some of the homeless man's belongings from the lake, The Mercury News reported. As Nelson recorded him, he climbed out and said he was "trying to do the right (expletive) thing" by cleaning up the lake.

As Nelson and others asked Sintay questions, Nelson introduced himself.

"Are you out of your mind?" The subsequent video captures the man taking the video yelling "help me!" and "I'm being attacked! This whole incident is a pretty succinct manifestation of so many of Oakland's current issues - racism, gentrification, white privilege, male privilege, hatred towards poor and homeless people, lack of resources due to funds not being allocated properly, lack of consequences for unjustifiably bullying homeless people and sheer apathy towards their predicaments", she added. A woman stopped briefly and took several bottles of water from Markson's belongings. People in the area who saw the video began bringing Markson food and clothing.

"I'm grateful for the help and concern", he said softly and broke into a smile. "I guess we all have bad days and bad times". She offered to take some of his blankets to a nearby laundromat.