Malware is Infecting Fire TV Devices


ADB must be manually activated but Doublepulsar has found that some devices are shipping in this condition. The feature, Android Debug Bridge, can let a developer communicate and remotely execute commands over the device, without any authentication. It is deactivated by default. That has apparently led users to look for alternative apps to sideload manually on their streaming boxes. Affected devices will display an app called "test" that'll persistently pop up as a white page and interrupt your media streaming as it starts to mine the virtual currency.

In February, Chinese security firm Qihoo 360's Netlab noticed the malware was scanning the internet for vulnerable products, including Android TV devices and smartphones. The specific devices were not named.

The good news is that your Amazon Fire TV device is safe from the threat if you've never messed around with its developer settings.

You might have heard about a new piece of malware that's said to be hitting Amazon's Fire TV users and hijacking resources to mine cryptocurrency.

- ”During research for this article, weve found everything from tankers in the USA to DVRs in Hong Kong to mobile telephones in South Korea. Some reports also say that when ADB.Miner is active, the Android logo will keep flashing up on your screen. Amazons Fire TV platform is built on Android.

Making matters worse is that products that've been infected will also attempt to spread the malicious code to other devices. Still, it might be worth keeping an eye out for symptoms such as sluggish performance.

On Fire TV devices the malware is labeled “Test” and is hidden under a process called ‘

Mining malware has always been a scourge in the world of cryptocurrency. We have not been able to confirm details for Android TV.

If you think your device might be infected, AFTVNews recommends that, first of all, you head into your gadgets" settings and ensure both aforementioned options are set to "off'.

The most effective solution is to factory reset the infected device, as well as all other devices on the same network.

The malware has been dubbed ADB.Miner and was first observed on January 31, 2018. It has since spread to Android devices throughout the world.