Melania Trump ‘hates’ to see families separated at border


President Trump "has not always told the truth", host Jonathan Karl said while recalling Bannon's time in the White House, but Bannon disagreed.

Melania Trump waded into a debate over children being separated from their families at the Mexico border, saying the United States should "govern with heart".

In a statement on Sunday, the first lady's spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham said that "Mrs. Trump hates to see children separated from their families and hopes both sides of the aisle can finally come together to achieve successful immigration reform".

United States (US) officials have confirmed that in the last six weeks almost 2,000 migrant children were separated from their families at the US-Mexico border.

While the statement suggested the matter was an issue for Congress, Democratic lawmakers and others have pointed out that no law mandates the separation of children and parents at the border.

Her comments follow growing controversy over President Donald Trump's "zero-tolerance" policy.

US protocol does not allow children to be detained with their parents because they, unlike their moms and dads, aren't charged with a crime. Sessions, too, is wielding his own religious argument, having used a Bible passage to defend his zero-tolerance policy.

Stories have spread of children being torn from their parents' arms, and parents not being able to find where their kids have gone. "So if they don't like that law, they should change it", Conway explains. Because of the policy, more adults have been jailed and more children have been shipped elsewhere.

Stefanie Herweck stands with other protesters in front of the US Customs and Border Protection's Rio Grande Valley Sector's Centralized Processing Center.

Numerous 1,500 children in the facility, a former Walmart, might more readily agree with a part of Obama's 2014 speech that is not on the wall: "Our immigration system is broken - and everybody knows it".

The Trump administration has faced waves of criticism as of late after the Department of Homeland Security confirmed that almost 2,000 children were separated from their parents between April 19 and May 31 of this year.

"We have some of the highest detention standards in the world for children", he said. These numbers include minors who arrived at the border without a relative and children separated from their parents. Back then, however, exceptions were generally made for adults who were travelling with minor children, as well as juveniles and people who were ill.

"This is an issue, and if the Democrats are serious and a lot of the Republicans are serious they'll come together, they won't just talk about the Dreamers or the wall or catch and release, it's all of the above", Conway said.

The administration has said if people looking to claim asylum show up at an official port of entry with their children, then they won't be separated.

Trump will meet with House Republicans next week to discuss the issue just days after his comments during an impromptu Fox News interview on the White House driveway almost derailed the planned House vote, according to a House GOP official who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the plans ahead of an official announcement.

A large number of upsetting images and details about some of the immigrant children have caused a huge backlash from the public and although Donald's administration is the one who enforced the policy change, he continues to blame the Democrats. "Those under 5 should get us all running around with our hair on fire to get this practice stopped".

The proposed fix won approval from moderate House Republicans locked in hard re-election battles, but not from Republican Senate candidates running competitive races in GOP-leaning states.