Merkel: Trump's Twitter Withdrawal From G-7 Statement 'Sobering' And 'Depressing'


German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called President Donald Trump's choice to break ranks with USA allies-by backing out of a joint statement on social media and then deride foreign leaders-"a little depressing". She also described her impression from Trump's behavior at the summit as "disillusionment".

Emmanuel Macron has warned Donald Trump about "fits of anger" after the United States president refused to endorse a joint communique of G7 leaders.

Merkel said that Trump would probably retaliate by implementing new tariffs on German vehicles. A White House adviser later admitted that Trump's desire to appear strong was partly the reason for this move.

Merkel said that "taking it back by tweet was of course sobering and also a little depressing".

According to Deutsche Welle, Mr Seehofer said: "I have a responsibility for this country, namely to steer and maintain order".

"We won't allow ourselves be ripped off again and again. Instead, we act then too", Merkel said in an unusually combative tone.

Trump has already announced tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Canada and Europe, which will impact major exporter Germany and he intends to hit another key sector for the German economy-auto exports.

The German chancellor also said she is not ready to "give up on G7" but would seek dialogue with Russian Federation and try to "work very closely" with Japan, Canada, India and China.

"Day two of the G7 summit in Canada: spontaneous meeting between two working sessions." .

The picture has since gone viral on the internet, and Trump raised it himself at the news conference after he was asked about his relationship with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The group managed a common statement in which they agreed to disagree on some issues, only to have Trump disavow the document in a tweet after leaving the meeting.

Guy Verhofstaft, the European Union parliament's representative in Brexit negotiations and former prime minister of Belgium, shared a photo of Merkel staring down President Trump during a meeting at the G7 summit. "Other states will surely follow", he said in a statement. In late May, Washington slapped its allies with import tariffs on steel and aluminum after it failed to win concessions from its trading partners.

Looking focused or exasperated depending on the viewer's interpretation, Merkel is flanked by British Prime Minister Theresa May and French President Emmanuel Macron, their faces largely obscured.

"We spent two days producing a statement and commitments", the statement said.