Metal Wolf Chaos XD has been revealed


It's great news for fans, who have been clamoring for an official English release for quite some time now.

Devolver hinted at this just yesterday before revealing it in their wild E3 conference today.

FromSoftware originally released Metal Wolf Chaos in December 2004.

Some weird God has heard my prayers and Devolver Digital is releasing Metal Wolf Chaos XD.

Metal Wolf Chaos XD will becoming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC later this year. The company posted a Twitter post later that month to FromSoftware's Yasunori Ogura stating, "Give us a shout, we'd love to talk about Metal Wolf Chaos!". Battle in your advanced mech - armed to the teeth - across iconic American landscapes including the Brooklyn Bridge, the Grand Canyon, and the front steps of the White House.

Metal Wolf Chaos is a game that was developed by From Software in 2004, back before the age of Dark Souls when they were far better known for producing Armored Core games. Get ready to play as the President of the United States piloting a mech fighting against a revolution started by your own vice president.

The remaster is in development by General Arcade and Devolver Digital, and will feature upgraded visuals, widescreen format, and classic voices.