North Korea summit: Trump plans to leave ahead of schedule


But did President Donald Trump or Kim Jong Un have the upper hand at yesterday's summit? "To show vision and leadership - or not?" As a Time report said, "Korean is a language with strict rules regarding formality, especially in terms of how leaders are addressed, a challenge that is only compacted because of Trump's informal style of discourse and Kim's position as the "supreme leader" of a totalitarian country". "So it's a great honor", President Trump said at the signing ceremony early Tuesday morning. "We didn't have a big screen like you [the media] have the luxury of having, we didn't need it because we had it on a cassette and an iPad".

"We overcame all kinds of skepticism and speculations about this summit and I believe that this is good prelude for peace", Kim responded.

While this was Kim Jong-un's first such meeting in front of a pool of photographers and global journalists, he appeared to be very at east in the situation while both he and Donald Trump seemed to embrace the positive spirit of the moment.

"We had it made up", Trump said. -North Korean relations and sees North Korea pledge to "work towards complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula".

Should they succeed in making a diplomatic breakthrough, it could bring lasting change to the security landscape of Northeast Asia, like the visit of former U.S. President Richard Nixon to China in 1972 led to the transformation of China.

But Kim did not respond to press questions on whether he would give up nuclear weapons, Mediaite reported, while President Trump stated he looked forward to lifting sanctions on the isolated nation.