Peter Navarro Apologizes for 'Special Place in Hell' Comment - Cortney O'Brien


At an event hosted by the Journal, Navarro said he had made a mistake, according to the newspaper.

"I used language that was inappropriate and basically lost the power of that message", he said. "I own that, that was my mistake, my words", the trade adviser said.

In a post-signing news conference and in an interview with ABC News, the president recounted how miffed he was to hear Trudeau's G7 wrap-up news conference, where the prime minister reiterated Canada's intention to impose counter-tariffs on US goods in retaliation for Trump's imposition of crippling tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, added.

"My mission was to send a strong signal of strength", he said, according to the Journal.

At the G7 summit in Canada last weekend, Trump left early and flew out in Air Force One and Trudeau held a press conference where he was critical of the metal tariffs and said Canada "will not be pushed around" by the U.S.

Trump issued a statement on Tuesday in which he promised Trudeau's statements would end up costing Canada "a lot of money".

Mr. Trump's top economic adviser, Lawrence Kudlow, said Mr. Trudeau's press conference had been a "betrayal" because Mr. Trump couldn't afford to show any weakness before his meeting with North Korea. "I expect that Canada would be resolute in response - we sell the USA about as many cars as we buy".

On Tuesday Trump reiterated his belief that the United States is "being taken advantage of by virtually every one" of the countries in the G7. We have a very big trade deficit with Canada.

Bilous said the trade tussle brings home to many the need for Canada and Alberta to increase trade with other markets, especially in Asia.

"Canadians. stood shoulder-to-shoulder with American soldiers in far-off lands in conflicts from the First World War onward", Trudeau said Saturday at a press conference, The Washington Post reported.

"Trump's disruptiveness is one thing, but his treatment of Canada and other USA allies is unprecedented", said Roland Paris, a University of Ottawa professor and former Trudeau foreign policy adviser.

Critics of the system, which includes many people inside Canada, say it poses a barrier to the completion of ambitious free-trade deals with other countries, with the government having to give up on other areas to protect the industry during negotiations. "(Trudeau) learned. You can't do that. We laughed. We had a very good relationship. "These guys just pulled away and punched Canada in the face, and I think it was a line crossed and a bridge too far", Heyman said.

On Tuesday, Mr Trump kept up the attack on Mr Trudeau.

Navarro, for his part, suggested that he was following orders - but made a poor choice of words in doing so.