President Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize


US President Donald Trump and DPRK leader Kim Jong-un met on June 12 during a historic summit between the two countries to discuss the future of their relations and North Korea's nuclear program.

The lawmakers told Norwegian wire service Norwegian News Agency that Trump "had taken a huge and important step" toward peace with North Korea and disarmament.

A group of United States lawmakers also are backing Trump's nomination for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize. "This president is actually going to earn it". The prizes are administered by the Norwegian Nobel Committee, appointed by Norway's parliament.

Amundsen nominated Trump along with his fellow Progress Party colleague Christian Tybring-Gjedde.

But while a Nobel award would cause consternation among Trump's critics, he also has some high-profile supporters.

Trump himself has mused about earning the Nobel saying "everyone thinks so, but I would never say it", when asked about the possibility of the prize last month.

Politicians, academics, former peace laureates, directors of peace research institutes and current and former members of the Nobel Committee are among those who have the right to propose candidates. "Divisive and irresponsible from a presidential hopeful".

The most recent Americans to win the Peace Prize were then-President Obama in 2009 and former Vice President Al Gore in 2007.

Ladbrokes increased Trump's chances of winning the prize, either alone or jointly, from 10/1 to 6/4 in the wake of the summit.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee's vice-chair, Henrik Syse, wrote in a blog in December, 2016, that: 'President-elect Donald Trump has, with his rhetoric, lowered the threshold for moral decency so far it is downright scary'.

He declined to comment on Tuesday.

The meeting in Singapore culminated with the two leaders signing an agreement that commits the offering unspecified "security guarantees" for North Korea in exchange for the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

"Since taking office, President Trump has worked tirelessly to apply maximum pressure on North Korea to end its illicit weapons programs and bring peace to the region".