Prince George plays with toy gun at the polo


As Prince George began talking, Savannah nonchalantly placed her hand over his mouth to silence him and looked directly into the camera as she did so.

Several photos of Prince George playing with a toy gun on Sunday sparked a heated debate on social media.

The third-in-line to the throne was photographed playing with the gun with a friend in the grass. In a world where gun violence is rife, the right to keep and bear arms has divided millions, with most people expressing fervent opinions one way or the other - and not one person sitting on the fence. "She seemed to say to [the kids], 'First to the polo field is the winner!' She was trying to get them exhausted before they had to get back in the auto to leave". "Unbelievable! #KensingtonPalace shame!" said one Twitter user.

Kate who just gave birth seven weeks ago to her youngest, Prince Louis, was dressed casually but as always chic.

The dress retails for $70.       Zara
The dress retails for $70. Zara

The four-year-old prince is known to have an interest in the police.

This isn't okay anymore. No child in this day and age should look at any gun as a fun toy. My American side here, biased maybe because of everyday #gunviolence in United States of America, but my British side agrees.

This was the only disappointing thing about today's polo match photos.

With the rest of the royal family around her, Princess Charlotte watched the annual aerial display from the balcony of Buckingham Palace to celebrate the Queen's birthday. Maybe in training for killing wild life in later years. Better if he was seen playing with a toy auto or football.