Prof John Stremlau on the Trump-Kim Summit


But the joint exercises, which the US has described as a security and peacekeeping measure, have always been a sticking point; North Korea, which views the exercises as practice for an invasion, had threatened to cancel the summit over them.

But Toronto chef and writer Sang Kim struck a more hopeful note, saying the talks with Trump build upon a key meeting with the South Korean president earlier in the year.

On nuclear weapons, Mr Kim "reaffirmed his firm and unwavering commitment to complete denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula". "But the President said he expected immediate action as a result of the talks".

"When I heard the news that there was a meaningful agreement between the two summits in their first meeting, I deeply thanked God to remember our prayers for reconciliation and union of the Korean people", Cardinal Yeom said in his homily.

The deal Trump made with North Korea could end up fundamentally changing the state of relations between the USA and North Korea, but many critics point out that it lacks a specific outline for how Pyongyang will denuclearize.

He said the United States is "prepared to start a new history" with North Korea. "It was a period of time where I was saying, what are they doing?" he said.":Every week it seems another missile going up. "They are going to be getting rid of sites". We are sitting with (National Security Advisor) John Bolton next week to go over the details, to get this stuff done. "We are working with South Korea, Japan, China to a lesser extent", he said, while addressing an hour-long press conference. He pointed out the real estate potential of its "great beaches" which can be seen on missile test footage.

"You can imagine how anxiously the Korean people and the church here in Korea are experiencing this truly historic moment", the papal nuncio said.

Despite Trump's claim to have achieved something that eluded his predecessors, previous USA administrations extracted more specific commitments from Pyongyang, only to see them breached.

After the day of meetings, Trump said that the two had a "special bond" and that Kim was a "very talented man".

As Trump took a victory lap on the world stage, experts and allies struggled to account for what Trump and Kim had agreed to - and whether this agreement could actually be the first of its kind not to be broken by the North Koreans.

There's no indication this date was set on goal... but the Singapore Summit happened on the same day one year ago when the University of Virginia student touched down in the US soil in his native OH following more than a year in captivity in the hermit nation.

The comments could fundamentally change the way the United States, whose alliance with Seoul was forged after a 1950 surprise attack by the North started the Korean War, operates in South Korea. They then appeared to share a few light-hearted words as they walked down a corridor to the hotel's library.

The language in the joint statement was weaker than in previous agreements - the very significant difference being that the North is now much further advanced in its nuclear programme. The red tie that Trump wears may also show some respect to Kim as well, it's the colour that North Koreans like.