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"Electric cars are our future", said Håkan Samuelsson, president and CEO at Volvo Cars, and "today starts a new era of Volvo electrified models enhanced by Polestar's performance engineering prowess".

Building on the standard T8's 394bhp combined power figure, Polestar's very contemporary way of increasing power via upgraded software brings power up to an even more impressive total of 408bhp.

However, judging by the recent release of the S60 T8 Polestar Engineered, it might be more accurate to say that "electrification" is the future of Volvo.

The gearbox and brakes get some Polestar tinkering too, as does the multi-link front and rear suspension, which also gets Öhlins adjustable shock absorbers as well as a strut bar design inherited from the Polestar 1 high-performance coupé. These Polestar Engineered cars all come with badges, black chrome exhaust pipes and golden seatbelts to better distinguish them from lesser-tuned Volvos.

Volvo will introduce the next-generation S60 on June 20 during an event held at its new Charleston, South Carolina, factory. Uniquely available for the flagship T8 model, and set to be offered for the V60 and XC60 in 2019, the package features powertrain, brake, wheel and suspension upgrades.

You'll be able to spot a Polestar Engineered auto, thanks to its gold-painted brake calipers set behind unique, lightweight wheels. The eight-speed automatic transmission has also been recalibrated to speed up changes and sharpen response. The strut bar and adjustable shock absorber design are shared with the Polestar 1 plug-in hybrid performance auto. The brake pads have increased heat tolerance while the brake discs' slotted design further improves heat reduction. Seatbelt straps are gold, too, and the auto comes with Polestar emblems and black chrome exhaust pipes.