The Steam Summer Sale just launched


The Steam Summer Sale is coming, and according to leaks, it should be live in a matter of hours.

Visit the Steam homepage here to see all of the sale items. If your collection doesn't have enough to keep you busy this summer though, there's always the Steam Summer Sale to help you restock and this year's will be no different. Steam Summer sales tend to land around the same time each yeah, with the 2017 discount season kicking off on June 22 and the 2016 one beginning on June 23. It's most likely that the game you've had your eye on for a few months that you just haven't worked up the effort to purchase will be available for a ridiculous discount today.

Valve added a game to the sale called Saliens which you can play to enter giveaways for certain games. The big kahuna, the Steam Summer Sale 2018, is now underway.

Evidence of the sale started to surface last week, with the game distribution platform's collectable cards introducing a set of "Mysterious" entries last week.

Want to keep track of deals and buy games on the go?

Elsewhere, you can pick up The Brookhaven Experiment for only $4.99 (75 percent off the original $19.99 asking price) and score discounts of up to 85 percent on select Sonic games.

Hardware-wise, you can snag a Steam link for just €2.75 from Valve which is quite the bargain considering the device's regular price of €54.99.