This Uber patent-pending app catches drunken driver, alerts passengers, especially women


The patent will enable the system to legally inform Uber drivers on a passenger's drunk "state" in order to help them prepare for the bumpy ride.

The proposed tool relies on algorithms to gather potential data that Uber could use to determine whether the user is inebriated. The time of day the ride is requested and pickup location will also be factors in the final outcome.

The company has reportedly applied for a patent for a piece of technology that would use machine learning to identify drunk customers.

Uber may be able to tell when you've had a few too many drinks.

Uber said: "Such monitoring and trip feedback may indicate whether a user's state was unusual during the trip or when picked up by the provider".

Uber has partnered with organizations including Mothers Against Drunk Driving to encourage more people to call the service than to get behind the wheel after drinking too much.

"It could lead to the possibility of some drivers avoiding drunk passengers and in the worst cases 'drunk hunting".

Professor Andre Spicer, from Cass Business School in London, told the Telegraph: 'This opens up the opportunity for drivers to identify drunk passengers and potentially take advantage of it.

WTF?! Ask any Uber driver, or taxi driver, for that matter, what the worst part of their job is, and many will say it's dealing with drunken passengers. Uber's decision to introduce a tech-savvy app comes following the incidents where nearly 103 drivers have been accused of sexually harassing passengers in the past couple of years.

Using this information, Uber may change the service offered to the user. Uber's planned AI feature could, in theory, let drivers easily scout neighborhoods to find drunken passengers for this goal.