Tom Brady Talks To Oprah About The NFL National Anthem Protests


The 40-year-old New England Patriots quarterback sits down with Oprah Winfrey for an intimate Super Soul Sunday interview, opening up about his career and marriage to the Brazilian supermodel.

The multiple Super Bowl-winning quarterback told Winfrey he felt he and his teammates had a lot of "healthy conversations" about the national anthem protests started by former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick to rally against police brutality. Brady wouldn't say. Winfrey tried to pin him down to an age, but Brady wouldn't bite.

"And you know what you respect...why people are doing what they're doing". It was an issue that really jumped to the forefront of American consciousness a year ago, after President Donald Trump spoke out against players who had taken knee.

"As long as I'm loving the training and the preparation and willing to make the commitment". I've been with guys from all different parts of the country, every color race belief.

When Oprah asked for details about the locker room conversations, Brady said, "We had meetings after practice talking about how we wanted to deal with that particular situation".

'You can do things for your reason and they can do things for their reason and you can have respect for that. "They're doing it for different reasons and that's OK", Brady admits.

In his decades-long experience playing football, Brady adds that he's played with people of all different backgrounds and that empathy for others is an essential part of any sport.

You can check out clips from his sitdown with Oprah here.

Hundreds of football players kneeled over the years after Colin Kaepernick chose to take a knee to protest police brutality against Black people and racial injustice.

In September 2017, Brady criticized President Donald Trump, with whom he has been friendly in the past, for calling on any kneeling players to be fired or suspended.

'I respect why people are doing what they're doing. If he doesn't think they can win a title with the team they have, it's going to be time for Brady to call it quits.