Trump's vow to end military drills with Seoul stuns a region


"I'm very troubled today".

"I just wanna bring sports to North Korea", Rodman said. We'll move on to the future and I've told people about Kim Jong Un.

The exercises allow US and South Korean forces to practice mobilizing soldiers in the event of conflict, and to run computer simulations to improve coordination between the two militaries.

"The Korean government should keep vigilant", Qassemi warned ahead of the historic meeting in Singapore between Mr. Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. Rodman's trip was sponsored by PotCoin, a cryptocurrency company that gives marijuana businesses access to banking as an alternative to many financial institutions that will not do business with cannabis companies because marijuana is illegal under USA federal law.

Following their summit in Singapore, Trump and Kim pledged to denuclearise the Korean peninsula and work for finding a peaceful resolution to seven decades of hostilities between the two countries.

Trump's remarks contradicted decades of assertions by US administrations that military exercises in South Korea are defensive and essential to ensuring that allied forces are ready at a moment's notice to fight the North.

Meanwhile at the Pentagon, officials ducked in and out of meetings to discuss what would amount to an epic shift in how the United States military has been postured in South Korea for decades. Seoul's presidential office said it was trying to parse Trump's comments. "The symbols that were broadcast all over the world last night have lasting consequences".

When Cuomo asked why he chose North Korea, Rodman admitted he was "naive" when he first went over but said he "fell in love" with the country.

Trump's statements in Singapore also point to what appears to be a growing gap between him and Defence Secretary Jim Mattis.

"In January 2018, then-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson again insisted that the administration rejected a "'freeze for freeze' approach in which legitimate defensive military exercises are placed on the same level of equivalency as the DPRK's unlawful actions". The troops and joint exercises were not mentioned in the final summit document, which focused on security guarantees and a general commitment to denuclearization. "This is only the first step, but leadership with the courage to initiate can make all the difference". South Korea contributes, but not 100 percent, which is a subject that we have to talk to them about also. "It will take time for the public here to build trust toward the North", it added.

"As negotiations now advance, there is only one acceptable final outcome: complete, verifiable, irreversible denuclearization", said Ryan, R-Wisc. "We must always be clear that we are dealing with a brutal regime with a long history of deceit". It calls them exercises.

The president later told reporters he'd halt US-South Korea joint military drills, which stunned both Seoul and Washington.