USA woman fights off rabid bobcat, strangling it with bare hands


In this wild story, Dede Phillips says she was heading out her front door when she saw a bobcat staring back at her near her truck.

"And I strangled it to death", said Phillips. "I snapped a picture and about that time the bobcat took two or three steps and leapt", she said. "I grabbed it by the shoulders and pushed it back away from me and I took it down right here".

Phillips told the Athens Banner-Herald newspaper that she did not scream for help until she thought the animal was dead.

The paper reported that, despite a broken finger and bite and claw wounds all over her body, she "took it straight to the ground" and "started inching my hands up its throat".

"They go for your jugular", she tells the Banner-Herald, "because when they can get the vein you're dead in a couple of minutes". "Once I got him where he wasn't moving I started screaming for my daughter-in-law to call 911", the 46-year-old added.

Phillips says she was afraid of calling for help because her 5-year-old granddaughter was in the house.

Suddenly, the bobcat attacked and she was knocked to her knees. "If she would have came out it would have killed her", said Phillips.

"If I had ever let it go, it would have been me, so I made sure I never let it go", said Phillips.

She is also undergoing treatment for rabies after the bobcat tested positive for the deadly virus.

Philips said the encounter with the bobcat was surprising as her house was located in the middle of soybean fields, and she never expected to come across a wildcat.

Though bobcat sightings are rare, the animals have been known to attack humans and are especially aggressive when they are sick.