Video shows Tesla Model S catching fire in traffic, Tesla investigating


The heat appears to emit from behind the front driver's side tire, where red hot flames shoot against the pavement.

A Tesla vehicle driven by British TV director Michael Morris burst into flames in Los Angeles, his USA actress wife has said. No accident, out of the blue, in traffic on Santa Monica Blvd, ' she said.

A Tesla auto being driven by British director Michael Morris burst into flames "out of the blue" while sitting in traffic.

Just after 5:30p.m. today Los Angeles County fire fighters and West Hollywood Sheriff's deputies were dispatched to a reported vehicle fire at the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard and Ogden Drive. According to reports, passers-by flagged down the couple after noticing the vehicle had caught fire while in traffic, so they were able to pull over and get out (and film what happened next on Twitter).

Firefighters were called and managed to extinguish the flames.

No-one was injured. Tesla said it was investigating "an extraordinary unusual occurrence", ABC News reports. Nash said the log entry cited the possibility of a faulty battery.

McCormack could not be reached immediately for further comment.

The "West Wing" actress specified in a later tweet that her husband's Tesla was not on autopilot. Tesla says its batteries are designed with extra protection, including firewalls between each of the battery's modules, making the spread of fire much slower than in gas cars and therefore more easy to escape unharmed.