Wynne admits Liberals not in the running


"People have rejected Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals", she said after a rally in downtown Toronto.

During an event in North York on Saturday morning, Kathleen Wynne, who has served as Ontario's premier for the past five years, conceded she would not be premier after the election on June 7.

"It's not going to be a Liberal government", she told reporters in Toronto.

Meanwhile, Windsor-Tecumseh candidate Remy Boulbol said in a written statement that Wynne has been an "inspiration to me as a woman looking to enter politics", and that the Liberal platform remains best for Ontario.

"The NDP and Liberals are trying to buy our votes with a long list of promise - promises they can't keep - and they come with hefty price tags", Lastman said in a video released Friday by the Ontario PCs.

The announcement came as a surprise to numerous party's local candidates, many of whom said they learned about her comments from news reports and social media.

Thats why, Wynne says its still important to vote for Liberal candidates, to make sure neither Doug Ford, or Andrea Horwath can form a majority government.

She stopped short of stepping down as party leader of the Liberal Party of Ontario and indicated that there was no one single event or issue that pushed her to the decision to publicly concede before voters even went to the polls. After 15 years of Liberal governments, Ontarians are throwing them out of office, and Wynne with them.

Ottawa-Orleans voter Zulfi Sadeque said he'd still be voting for local Liberal candidate Marie-France Lalonde, despite Kathleen Wynne's admission. "But this news doesn't change the fact that it's always been a change election here in Essex".

Horwath accused Wynne of playing a "dangerous game". "She's saying, 'I'm not going to destroy this organization with my own personal hubris'". But the only way they can assure she is Premier, the only way progressive voters can stop Ford, is to vote NDP.

Up in Parry Sound-Muskoka, Liberal candidate Brenda Rhodes says she's received a lot of support from constituents, which fuels her commitment to fighting for a seat at the legislature. "Andrea is the kind of leader we need and the NDP's plan will make Ontario a stronger province", said Warren.

A senior campaign official said Wynne started thinking about the move after her hope for a bump in polling following the last debate didn't materialize and it became clear the Liberals couldn't win. "They're hoping they can salvage (the party).it's about saying to people: don't abandon us".

The first-time candidate says a huge weight has been lifted off his shoulders, now that the Premier has helped shift the focus of the campaign to stopping a majority government from being elected. "We will fix this".

The Liberals have been trailing the NDP and PCs in the polls, and Wynne admits her party can not win the June 7th vote. A Liberal source told The Canadian Press about a dozen ridings in which the party thinks they have a reasonable shot at winning, but Wynne's own riding was not among them.