Wynne continues to campaign hard despite predicting loss in Ontario election


Global spoke with University of Guelph political science professor Tamara Small, who characterized Wynne's move as a selfless attempt to rescue the Ontario Liberal Party from oblivion: "She's saying, 'I'm not going to destroy this organization with my own personal hubris'".

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath had a blunt reaction to Kathleen Wynne's stunning concession, days before the provincial election ends, that the governing Liberals won't be re-elected.

As Premier, I've tried to dedicate myself to fighting for those people. The investigation detailed a 2013 meeting between a Liberal infrastructure minister, Glen Murray, and Marolyn Morrison, where the then-mayor of Caledon, Ont., said she faced pressure to support a residential development near her town, which she says she refused.

The more Liberal MPPs we send to Queen's Park on June 7th, the less likely it becomes that either Doug Ford or the NDP will be able to form a majority government.

On Wednesday, Wynne made a campaign stop at a Stelco steel plant where she attacked both New Democrat Leader Andrea Horwath and the Progressive Conservatives' Doug Ford as unyielding ideologues without the experience to fend off the threat of American steel tariffs.

"He won't tell anyone what his platform is either", she said. "I think overall voting NDP makes the most sense".

On Friday, Wynne stuck to her defensive pitch - that she would still make the best leader - saying people need to be "very careful" in deciding who would be best at building the province.

Wynne's criticism of her rivals comes as recent polls suggest either Horwath or Ford could be the next premier. She warned about what an NDP or Progressive Conservative majority government would bring, and pitched votes for the Liberals as a way to keep either of those parties in check. "She's demonstrated today that she speaks directly to the people", he said.

Asked about Ford's non-answer, Wynne used the opportunity to take a jab at Ford for other issues that he hasn't yet answered. Polling aggregates and projections for weeks have been showing the PC's leading with the most seats with the NDP forming the Official Opposition.

"By voting Liberal you can keep the next government, Conservative or NDP, from acting too extreme - one way or the other".

Horwath says she gets a sense that people want change, and after Thursday's election the government will look different than it has in the past two decades.

"It's not going to be a Liberal government", she told reporters in Toronto.

Horwath is making a strong push for Liberal ridings with less than a week left in the campaign.

"They're going to be choosing a person to lead them who will be in some very tricky, very delicate negotiations with USA officials", Wynne said.

"So I think electorally, it's strategic, but as a leader of a party, I actually think it's really selfless". The NDP leader has been pushing for Liberal voters to join them to stop a Ford win.