‘Fortnite’ Season 5 Start Date, Downtime, Start Time & More Essential Details


Epic Games is hosting eight weeks of "Fortnite" competitions called the Summer Skirmish Series, it announced on Wednesday, and it's awarding $8 million in prize money.

"Fortnite" has become a cultural phenomenon and mega-hit for video game developer Epic Games, boasting 125 million players around the world.

However, in lieu of ever simply announcing what the newest additions and changes to the game will be, the developers at Epic Games will often leave cryptic hints and Easter eggs scattered across the island (or in the game's code) for the most dedicated fans to decode. We can probably expect to see the axe make an appearance in Fortnite proper, perhaps as part of the Season 5 Battle Pass, which should be full of new cosmetic rewards. The previous Battle Pass increased the number of tiers, that said, we won't know if Epic plans to hike it past 100 for Fortnite Season 5.

Players will likely know much more when the season arrives at 3am CT on Thursday, July 12. We'll do our best to provide insight on those as soon as possible. Fortnite Season 5 start date is July 12 at 8am GMT (1:30pm IST).

Let's be honest in the run up to the start of Season 5 you'll have undoubebly seen all the various teasers and real world events that have been going on.

The previous image showed what many have compared to a kitsune mask.

While there are obviously no details about these characters or the theme for season five, fans are certainly buzzing about all the cosmetics and storylines that may be heading for Fortnite: Battle Royale.