HTC’s blockchain-focused Exodus phone launching Q3 this year


HTC Corp (宏達電) yesterday said that it would release the world's first blockchain-powered smartphone to early adopters by September, followed by a wider release toward the end of this year.

Past few Years, we could see that HTC didn't do any good in their Smartphone game where none of their Phones did well in the Market and faced huge losses. So, when they announced that they had plans to release a phone that would feature blockchain technology, most people rolled their eyes and thought that this was some sort of prayer from a company who was trying to avoid bankruptcy.

In terms of the unexpected CryptoKitty support, the executive hopes that the gamification of the blockchain will entice "no-coiners" to give the Exodus a shot.

Latest IDC numbers reveal HTC shipped around 630,000 units in Q1 this year, versus around 2 million the year before.

Making every phone a node of Ethereum and bitcoin for true decentralization, the handset will have a universal wallet and trusted and user-friendly user interface. I'm excited about the opportunity it brings to decentralize the internet and reshape it for the modern user.

When Chen announced the device back in March, he said: "We envision a phone where you own your own key, your own identity, and data, and your phone is the hub".

A website dedicated to the HTC Exodus project has already been set up, but there isn't much info. The development process responsible for "the chief officer of decentralization" Phil Chen, who is known for his participation in the development of a virtual reality helmet HTC Vive.

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Prior to the launch, the company is partnering with the popular blockchain title, CryptoKitties.

According to HTC, CryptoKitties will come pre-loaded on all mobile devices, debuting on the U12+.

The phone will be available everywhere in the world except China, due to the exceptional rules placed on how Android mobile phones work in China, said Chen to The Verge.

The main advantage of a blockchain smartphone would be its security.